A village man will take you in his traditional wooden boat to narrow canals under the cover of palms, wild pineapples and cashew trees. You will come close to backwaters village life, taste Keralan home made food, catch a glimpse of a kingfisher or a white heron. Canoe has a bamboo roof protecting from the sun. If you are eco-friendly and place real life experience above comfort it will be a perfect choice.

Full day canoe tour: starts 8:30 a.m., finishes 5:30 p.m., keralan breakfast, traditional lunch, tea and snacks, mineral water included. Single person 1500 INR/ 2 people 2500 INR in season,  and respectively 1200 INR/ 2000 INR off season

Canoe can be arranged on place. However if you arrive late evening and wish to go for a canoe tour the next day, please inform in advance.

Before you book your canoe online by prepaying advance, please enquire with us for the availability on your dates.