A luxury floating home, equipped with dining hall, open deck, 2 comfortable air conditioned bedrooms with attached bathrooms . Rich Keralan meals are cooked and served on board. Houseboats were once boats transporting rice. The upper part is entirely made from coconut fiber,  that gives them a romantic look. A captain, a cook and a waiter will accompany you on the dream sail.

Day and night tour: starts 11:30 a.m., finishes 9 a.m the next day, 3 rich meals, mineral water, tea, coffee, snacks and fruit included. Note that boat will not sail after sunset. Can be extended to several days.

Day cruise: starts 11:30 a.m., finishes 5 p.m., lunch, mineral water, tea, coffee, snacks included

You can now book your houseboat online by prepaying the advance. Please contact us to check the availability and rates on your dates before booking. If you did so, you can now proceed with the booking

Remaining balance to be paid by cash or credit card in Bella Homestay.